Windsor Life Magazine Interview

WHEN IT COMES TO LOCAL TALENT, Windsor has no shortage of stars. However, none have been quite as meteoric as visual effects artist and filmmaker Corey Mayne.

Mayne, a Windsor native, is an accomplished VFX artist with over 10 years’ experience. After completing a three-year Media Arts program at Sheridan College, Mayne went to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks on 2007’s Beowulf. After completing the film, Mayne was offered a job at Pixar, where he lent his skills to films like Up and Brave. While there, he also worked on con- verting some of their older films, like Toy Story and Ratatouille, to 3D. From there, Mayne worked on critically acclaimed shows like Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, and Vikings, among many others.”

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